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Web Site Design

Malone Web Design creates crisp, professional and effective web sites at reasonable prices. We handle all the design and technical aspects of site development, and we work closely with you to make sure your objectives are met. From clean and simple sites for small firms to database-driven sites with active server pages, MWD provides Internet solutions for your firm.

Web Site Marketing and Campaign Management

Malone Web Design will help you develop an Internet marketing and publicity strategy that will increase the return on investment of your web site. We provide the following value-added marketing services:

  • We "prime" your web site to be search engine friendly in order to maximize your search engine ranking.  We look at every page of your site to make sure it has the right combination of useful content and html coding that search engines reward with higher rankings.
  • Create content for your web site, if needed, and we help you craft a strategy to increase 3rd party links to your web site, which further boosts your ranking.
  • Submit your site to search engines and manage paid submissions.
  • Establish and manage paid placement advertising campaigns, such as Google AdWords and Overture.
  • Periodic reports tracking your site's traffic levels, position in search engine rankings, and the return on investment of advertising campaigns.

Internet Consulting

Malone Web Design will help you develop an Internet strategy. We help you:

  • Define your objectives and create a plan to carry them out utilizing the web.
  • Design the basic structure of your site.
  • Enter into a working relationship with us as site development progresses.
  • Provide marketing services for your web site, including ad campaign management and search engine optimization.
  • If needed, we help you register your own domain name and find an ISP to host your site.

Web Site Re-Design

From minor tweaking to a complete overhaul…






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